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Barcelona v Benfica: Women’s Champions League – live | Women’s Champions League

Key events

70 min: Graham Hansen should have passed out wide there, she instead backs herself but the Benfica players crowd her out. Benfica then break with Norton feeding Cintra but it’s cut out to thwart the chance.

69 min: Paralluelo almost scored a beautiful individual goal with a great goal but her eventual shot goes wide. Also a fun fact, all the goalscorers tonight have a first name beginning with the letter A.

67 min: Here is that goal from Oshoala, I was going to wait until full-time but you should see this now!

66 min: Miguel has been in touch and said: “The scoreline might even end 9-0 again, but you can tell the Benfica players are giving the Barcelona players much more work, this time around. Benfica still has a long way to come. But we can see an improvement with each season.” Yes I completely agree, especially in that opening 20 minutes. They were astute and intense, if they could maintain that across 90 minutes it would limit Barca’s attack. Back to the game, Alves has a yellow card for a foul. Benfica are making two changes with Alidou and Silva off for Cintra and Norton.

64 min: I am still stunned by that goal, 40 seconds on the pitch and she does that. Just wow! Barcelona are revving the engine now!

62 min: Graham Hansen crossed in and Oshoala seemed to fall as she hit it and in the end it looked like a bicycle kick. I am stunned.

GOAL! Barcelona 5-0 Benfica (Oshoala, 61′)

OSHOALA!! She has been on for a minute, her first touch and she scores.

60 min: Barcelona are making more changes with Caldentey and Brugts off for Paralluelo and Oshoala.

60 min: Barcelona are playing with Benfica as a cat plays with a toy, pawing at it before dealing the lethal blow. Guijarro tries to pull the trigger on a shot but it’s wide.

58 min: Guijarro has her shirt pulled and so Barca will clear their lines. Benfica make a change with Raysla on for Falcon.

56 min: Silva hunts down a great ball but Coll confidently comes out of goal to boot it away, it pays off with a great distributing kick ends with Brugts winning a corner. Leon takes the kick but it’s headed away.

54 min: It was 9-0 in the opening game of the group stage between these two last season and the way Barcelona are flowing at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the same scoreline.

GOAL! Barcelona 4-0 Benfica (Bonmati, 52′)

Brugts with a lovely pass to Graham Hansen, she makes a great run into the box and lays it to Bonmati who whallops home.

Bonmati scores for Barcelona
It’s a second goal for Bonmati and a fourth for Barcelona. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

52 min: Leon takes the set piece but it’s a blunder, she taps it with her foot to readjust the ball but the officials judge it as it was her attempt to take it! Benfica players smother the ball and the chance is gone, a rare error from Leon there.

50 min: Silva puts in a great cross but Coll reads it well, she comes out and collects to reset her side. They thread it through the team and Graham Hansen wins a corner.

48 min: Benfica are pinning Barca in the final third of their own half at the moment, really good moves from the Portuguese side – especially through Alves. The hosts eventually get the ball away and suddenly they are in the box but Bonmati is offside.

47 min: Benfica create a nice play but Barca manage to wrestle them off the ball and Leon wins possession from a foul.

Back underway! Barcelona 3-0 Benfica

Benfica have a lot of work to do to get a point from this one with defending champions Barcelona in the driving seat. Can they pull away even further? Second half will tell all. Putellas has been taken off, Guijarro is on, she looked to be moving gingerly after her first goal.

BREAKING NEWS! Emma Hayes has been named the next head coach of the USWNT. The Chelsea manager had announced she was leaving at the end of the season and she was heavily linked to the US top job but it has now been confirmed:

It seemed UEFA had given Brugts that second goal but they have now changed it to Putellas, questionable as the Barcelona captain looked offside for the score. But hey ho, the goal has been awarded.

Keira Walsh has given a short half-time interview to DAZN, she said: “I think 10-15 minutes it took us to get into the game… Benfica they started really strong and it was difficult to play out but I think we found our rhythm.”

Benfica may be hurting being 3-0 to Barcelona but they can spare a thought for Slavia Praha who are currently 6-0 down to Lyon at half-time!

Half-time: Barcelona 3-0 Benfica

Well we may not be seeing the 9-0 slaughtering we saw between these two teams the last time they played in Barcelona but we are once again seeing champions finding a way to win. They have been far from their best but they have managed to take their opportunities when they have presented themselves. Benfica just need to keep their shape and intensity to maintain their defence and find more attacking chances.

45 + 2 min: Benfica have now got to be the next to score if they want something from this, I just can’t see them coming back here barring a miracle. It isn’t that they have played badly, it’s just Barca are lethal when they have chances.

45 min: There will be three minutes added.

GOAL! Barcelona 3-0 Benfica (Bonmati, 44′)

Maybe I spoke too soon for Benfica! Ballon d’Or winner takes a lovely controlled finish. This game should be a done deal now.

Aitana Bonmati scores for Barcelona
Aitana Bonmati makes it three for Barca. That should be that. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

43 min: Barca have been combated well by Benfica but the defending champions are getting the job done so far, they have been dominant but if Benfica continue their hard work they could still get something from this game.

41 min: For that second goal Barca had a free kick and Leon had a storming kick. Brugts hits it sweetly and it heads for goal. Putellas touches it before it went in but Brugts deserves that, I’ll check the official record shortly to see who UEFA gave it too.

GOAL! Barcelona 2-0 Benfica (Brugts, 40′)

There is the second!

Alexia Putellas tries to get a touch as Esmee Brugts’ effort doubles Barcelona’s lead.
Alexia Putellas tries to get a touch as Esmee Brugts’ effort doubles Barcelona’s lead. Photograph: Eric Alonso/Getty Images

38 min: Leon takes the kick, it’s a scrappy clearance from Benfica and it comes back to Leon but her shot is wide. There is a penalty call as the ball has hit the arm of a Benfica player but the referee has not blown for it, a reminder VAR is not in operation. Barca do have a corner though. It’s taken but Pauels initially punches away, it falls to Bonmati but she clears.

36 min: Tom has emailed and said: “I’ve recently found a seller of cancoillotte (the very best of cheeses) down the road from my house. This is a big deal, as I thought it was jealousy hoarded in a small part of France.
As a result, I’m currently eating excessive amounts of the stuff spread on crusty bread.” I’ve never tried this cheese and now I’m really intrigued! Back to the match and Amado gets a yellow card and gives away a free kick for a shirt pull on Graham Hansen.

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