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Even MS Dhoni Shed A Tear…

Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri recalled the emotional scene in the dressing room after India’s heart-wrenching defeat in the 2019 World Cup semi-final clash. Ravi Shastri mentioned how players, including MS Dhoni, were in tears following the setback.

The Men in Blue suffered an 18-run loss against New Zealand in the semi-final of the last edition. The Indian team dominated throughout the league stage but failed to cross the line in the knockout game, marking it as the last game for MS Dhoni in international cricket.

MS Dhoni Locked Himself Away – Ravi Shastri

Speaking ahead of the India-New Zealand match, Ravi Shastri emphasized that Indian players learned from that setback. Shastri expressed confidence that the Indian team would handle pressure better, having gained valuable experience over the past four years.

“I was in that dressing room and I know. Like this year, they finished on top of the table that time as well after the round-robin. And even the great man shed a tear, MS Dhoni. He locked himself away but you knew what was going through his mind. So when you play that well and you stumble in the knockout stage, it does hurt.”

“But they would have learnt from that mistake. They were 4 years wiser; there are 7-8 players still playing from that squad in this year’s semifinal and I think it will be better from that experience,” Shastri told the host broadcaster ahead of the semi-final.

Playing At Home Makes A Massive Difference – Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri emphasized the advantage of playing at home for the Indian team, highlighting the significant impact of knowing the conditions and having the support of the home crowd.

“They are playing at home, which makes a massive difference. When you know your conditions, and you’ve got the support of your crowd, it puts pressure on you alright but it plays a massive part in your favour,” Shastri further stated.

The Rohit Sharma-led team is scheduled to take on the Kane Williamson-led side in a highly anticipated encounter at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday, November 15.

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