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Ex-Trump Attorney Predicts Jail-Time As Trump Goes ‘Off The Rails’

Former Trump White House attorney Ty Cobb on Tuesday explained why Donald Trump’s “off the rails” rhetoric and attacks on those overseeing or involved in his myriad legal cases will first see the former president being sanctioned and then at some point will “result in him being put his jail pending some of these trials.”

Trump earlier Tuesday shared another user’s post on his Truth Social platform which said they would like to see New York State Attorney Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron placed under citizens’ arrest. The post was later removed from Trump’s feed.

James brought a $250 million fraud lawsuit against Trump and his company for allegedly overvaluing their assets for financial gain. Engoron is overseeing the case, which is currently being tried in New York.

“These are the types of incendiary attacks that do lead to violence,” Cobb told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “He specifically asked people to conduct a citizen’s arrest. Detention of either James or Engoron would be a crime if committed by any individual who was so motivated by the president’s remarks.”

Trump “continues to be off the rails in terms of the extent to which his invective infects these proceedings and has the potential to intimidate witnesses,” he added. “I believe that at some point comments like this will result in Trump not only being sanctioned, which will probably be the first order of business, but at some point these types of comments will result in him being put in jail pending some of these trials.”

Burnett said that would be “really stunning to imagine” and “horrible” for America.

Cobb said Republican 2024 front-runner Trump’s “petty dictator-type talk” amid world crises “diminishes him and the United States every day.”

Watch Cobb’s analysis here:

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