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Young reporter:Neuralink to start human trials.Victoria Rudkin BHASVIC



Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip estimated to cost $40,000 per surgery, has gained approval from an independent review board to start human trials. Individuals who suffer with paralysis could qualify for the trial. The trial will take an estimate of about 6 years to complete and the amount of subjects to be tested on is not disclosed. 


The Neuralink technology is a brain implant made of Probes, made up of mostly polyamide, with a thin platinum or gold conductor. The chip is outfitted with 1,024 electrocodes that have the ability to pick up signals from neurons. 


The surgery is preformed by a robot because the threads of the implant are so fine that they can not be inserted with the human hand.The procedure consists of drilling a hole into the head, penetrating the brain and inserting the chip. The chip is inserted into the area of the brain that controls the intention to move.


The approval of human trial is controversial. A negative effect of the chip, according to Merkley and Wired’s September 20 report, Neuralink experiments on around 12 macaque monkeys resulted in chronic infections, paralysis, brain swelling, and other side effects.


Elon musks Neuralink chip strives to help individuals who are suffering with paralysis to communicate, by allowing them to control devices with their brain activity. 


Even if the device proves to be safe for humans to use, it might still take a decade before Neuralink is able to secure commercial usage of the chip.


In the future Neuralink aims to enhance memory cognitive abilities, restore a motor, sensory and visual functions as well as treat neurological disorders.


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