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Former Rajasthan Royals cricketer files case against her ex-girlfriend; excuses her of threatening

In a recent twist of events, a cricketer with a notable presence in various IPL franchises finds himself entangled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend. The unfolding saga sheds light on the challenges faced by a Bengaluru-based cricketer who once donned the jersey of Rajasthan Royals as he seeks legal recourse amidst a complex web of accusations and threats.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the cricketing encounters, the spotlight unexpectedly shifted to KC Cariappa, who having been released by Rajasthan Royals, now finds himself seeking assistance from law enforcement. The right-arm spinner alleged that his ex-girlfriend had issued threats jeopardizing not only his career but also the well-being of his family. Surprisingly, this legal drama unfolded a year after the ex-lover initiated legal proceedings against him.

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Reason behind the dispute

At the core of this legal dispute lies a narrative of love gone sour, with Cariappa revealing to the police that the relationship faltered due to his ex-girlfriend’s struggles with substance abuse. Her addiction to both drugs and alcohol became a stumbling block, compelling the 29-year-old to advocate for her rehabilitation. However, his efforts proved futile, leading to threats of self-harm from the aggrieved woman. The police, now armed with Cariappa’s complaint, have initiated an investigation into the matter.

“Based on the complaint filed by Cariappa, we are investigating the matter,” a senior police officer said.

Simultaneously, the woman had complained in 2022, accusing the cricketer of causing her pregnancy and administering abortion tablets. She contends that Cariappa had pledged to marry her, setting the stage for a legal battle that continues to unravel its intricacies.

In the midst of these allegations and counter-allegations, the truth remains elusive, leaving the cricketing community and fans alike to ponder the complexities of personal relationships in the unforgiving public eye.

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